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Progressively Harder Word Search Book

Progressively Harder Word Search Book

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The Progressively Harder Word Search Book contains 125 word searches starting from a 4x4 grid and ending with a 15x15 grid. This book allows for seniors with cognitive impairment to be successful at any ability. Start at the beginning or jump to a page in the middle depending on your loved one's ability level. This book allows seniors to stay engaged in a fun activity while also stimulating their brain. This is the perfect gift for older men and women with dementia, cognitive decline, low vision, or initial signs of forgetfulness and confusion to help them be successful with a fun activity.

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    "Thank you, GrandMinds for making these products available. My mom comes alive when she works on these beautiful puzzles. The texture, vibrant colors, and high quality artwork makes them appealing to her, and gives her a sense of accomplishment. We highly recommend!" -Jill

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