OT's and speakers working with seniors with dementia or Alzheimers.  We promote brain function by providing dementia-friendly products and caregiver education.


GrandMinds strives to provide activities to help older adults engage in purposeful tasks. Engaging in meaningful activities is important because it promotes brain function, slows decline, and combats depression.

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Our Newest Products

Puzzles for Seniors

Check out our new puzzles designed for seniors! These are large piece puzzles with simple designes to promote success. All of them come with a "Note to Caregiver" to give tips to keep seniors successful.

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Best products for seniors with memory loss and dementia

Designed for Seniors

Our products have extra large text, clear instructions, and simple pictures that facilitate success for those with memory or vision impairments.


Note to Caregiver

A note to the caregiver is included to explain how to adapt the activity based on the senior's ability level.