Our Team

GrandMinds LLC was started by mother – daughter occupational therapists working with seniors with memory loss.  Working with the older population, we noticed the importance of engaging in purposeful activities on people’s well-being. Our purpose is to help maintain or slow the mental decline of seniors through caregiver education and by providing meaningful and enjoyable activities.
             About The GrandMinds LLC Team
Our Products

Each product sold is meant to provide an opportunity for a person to actively engage in meaningful tasks to promote brain function.  In order for a task to be beneficial and enjoyable it is important for it to be tailored to the person’s ability level. We aim for our products to be reusable and able to be graded based on the senior’s ability level. Instructions for each activity are provided and include ways for the caregiver to adjust the difficulty level.

Mental Decline and Aging

  • Dementia is a symptom referring to mental decline. There are many diseases with dementia as a symptom, the most common being Alzheimer’s.
  • If a person’s mental decline is mild, this can be age-associated memory loss. When the decline is more significant, it falls into a category called “Major Neurocognitive Disorder” and reflects a disease process.
  • Dementia cannot be cured, but the progression can be slowed and delayed through lifestyle choices.