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Wooden Coaster Making Kit

Wooden Coaster Making Kit

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Create three 4"x4" wooden coasters using pre-cut wood pieces, sandpaper, felt tabs and glue.  This easy-to-do project is perfect for seniors with or without a history of woodworking.  Problem solving with projects such as woodworking helps to improve brain function and increase confidence.   With three coasters to make, you can choose to complete the coasters all at once, or spread the tasks out over three different days. Help your loved one experience the joy of giving a homemade gift they made themselves or enjoy the coasters for their own use. 


  • Pictured instructions for the senior
  • Note to the caregiver 
  • 12 1/2''x1/4''x4'' wood pieces
  • 9 1/2''x1/2''x4'' wood pieces
  • 12 felt tabs 
  • Sandpaper


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    "Thank you, GrandMinds for making these products available. My mom comes alive when she works on these beautiful puzzles. The texture, vibrant colors, and high quality artwork makes them appealing to her, and gives her a sense of accomplishment. We highly recommend!" -Jill

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